When to Call a Professional

Our lives are pretty busy, rat race-ish even, these days. Our stress levels are sky high. We feel pulled in 20 different directions at any given time. Our heads are so busy going over every detail that we cannot get to sleep when we lay our heads down at night. These are tough times myContinue reading “When to Call a Professional”


The Reason Why Most Diets Fail…

The reason why diets fail is because “diets” do not exist. In order to not only meet our weight loss goals but maintain our ideal weight we must make a lifestyle change. Now I know that sounds pretty heavy but hear me out… The word diet seems scary and restrictive. To me it sounds likeContinue reading “The Reason Why Most Diets Fail…”

How much do you LEARN from your Doctor visits?

Has this ever happened to you? You go for your routine check up at your doctor’s office and they tell you that your blood pressure is high? They say you need to get it down and if it’s not down when you come back for your next visit you will probably have to go onContinue reading “How much do you LEARN from your Doctor visits?”

Functional and Integrative Medicine: A Look into Better Healthcare

Integrative medicine… Integrative medicine is a form of holistic medicine that takes into account the lifestyle habits of a patient. The healthcare professional works to treat the whole person rather than just the disease. The mind, body, and soul of a patient are taken into consideration to promote healing and well-being. Functional medicine… Functional medicineContinue reading “Functional and Integrative Medicine: A Look into Better Healthcare”

What is a Patient Navigator?

A patient navigator works with people to overcome barriers and understand the healthcare system. They are committed to removing client’s barriers to very good care by identifying critical resources, helping them navigate through health care services and systems, and by promoting client health.  Barriers to healthcare limit or prevent people from receiving adequate healthcare and medicalContinue reading “What is a Patient Navigator?”

Looking for a different way?

Let’s talk about different ways to come off of prescription medications for good!     It constantly amazes me when positive life style changes give people the opportunity to come off of some, if not all, of their doctor prescribed medications!   If you’re sick and tired of expensive medicines and their side effects IContinue reading “Looking for a different way?”