The Reason Why Most Diets Fail…

The reason why diets fail is because “diets” do not exist. In order to not only meet our weight loss goals but maintain our ideal weight we must make a lifestyle change. Now I know that sounds pretty heavy but hear me out…

The word diet seems scary and restrictive. To me it sounds like denying myself all of the foods/drinks that make me happy. It sounds like an exercise program that I am never going to succeed at. It sounds like spending a ton of money to eat “space food” and living in fear that as soon as I put a roll into my mouth I will gain 20 pounds and then proceed to eat an entire basket of the buttery goodness.

With the proper education and a “can do it” attitude we can take the restriction out of dieting. We can implement a new way of life that not only is healthier but will insure that we meet and maintain our weight loss goals. We can set up a system that WILL work because it is designed for you. We will stop setting ourselves up for failure and start looking at weight loss as a lifestyle change rather than a “diet.” And that my friends is when we will succeed!


Published by Michelle Harrison

Hi! My name is Michelle. I am a single mom with three beautiful children. I have been a registered nurse for over 11 years. I have a background of direct patient care, weight loss education, wellness coaching and patient advocacy. I am passionate about everyone getting the best out of their healthcare, as well as their lives.

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