Functional and Integrative Medicine: A Look into Better Healthcare

Integrative medicine…

Integrative medicine is a form of holistic medicine that takes into account the lifestyle habits of a patient. The healthcare professional works to treat the whole person rather than just the disease. The mind, body, and soul of a patient are taken into consideration to promote healing and well-being.

Functional medicine…

Functional medicine is very similar to integrative medicine but it uses a medical approach that works to identify and understand the underlying root of a disease. The relationship between patient and healthcare professional becomes a partnership. They can work together to create a plan for better health.


Integrative and functional medicine work together to treat the person rather than the disease. Both strive to determine the root of each and every disease, rather than making a diagnosis and then determining which drugs or procedures will best treat the condition. Using these two forms of medicine together creates a more personalized medicine model. Chronic health conditions like obesity, auto-immune disorders (such as lupus), and diabetes should be treated with a personal approach. Every person is different and deserves their own personal healthcare plan.


Published by Michelle Harrison

Hi! My name is Michelle. I am a single mom with three beautiful children. I have been a registered nurse for over 11 years. I have a background of direct patient care, weight loss education, wellness coaching and patient advocacy. I am passionate about everyone getting the best out of their healthcare, as well as their lives.

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